We take all reports very seriously and are committed to creating a safe environment for our players, families, volunteers and staff.


Sporting Columbus has a zero tolerance for abuse in all ages, programs and club activities.  It is the responsibility of every coach, volunteer, parent and player to participate in the effort to create a safe environment for all sports participants.


Any action or circumstance listed below constitutes a breach of Sporting Columbus' Sexual Abuse Policy, is unacceptable at any Sporting Columbus activity and will not be tolerated.

  • Inappropriate Physical Contact
  • Willfully Tolerating Sexual Misconduct
  • Possession of Sexually Oriented Materials
  • Engaging in Sexually Oriented Conversations
  • Peer-to-Peer Sexual Abuse
  • Nudity


Given Sporting Columbus' zero tolerance for abuse, we encourage a culture of communication regarding matters that place an athlete or member at risk.  Coaches, volunteers, parents and players are asked to report any sexual misconduct, inappropriate or suspicious behaviors to a Sporting Columbus representative. All reports of inappropriate behaviors or suspicions of abuse will be taken seriously and will be reported, in accordance with our policies and state law, to law enforcement or appropriate agency.


Coaches and volunteers who supervise our athletes and members are charged with the diligent enforcement of all policies related to the safety and protection of our athletes.  A violation of these policies can be grounds for immediate dismissal from Sporting Columbus activities.  Final decision related to policy violations will be the responsibility of Sporting Columbus Abuse Prevention Committee.


Any person accused of committing a prohibited act or any act considered to be harmful to a child will be immediately suspended from all Sporting Columbus activities.  This suspension will continue during any investigation by Sporting Columbus , law enforcement or any child protective agency.  Any person found to have committed a prohibited act may be banned from any future Sporting Columbus activity. Failure to report a prohibited act as designated in this policy is in and of itself a violation of Sporting Columbus' Sexual Abuse Policy and grounds for dismissal or removal.  Coaches or volunteers who fail to report a prohibited act may be restricted from participation in any future Sporting Columbus activity.

We are required to report suspected child abuse within 24 hours to the local law enforcement agency, or local child protective services agency that has jurisdiction to investigate reports of child abuse or to protect child abuse victims, or to the FBI.